Conservation Bridge

ConservationBridge is an online tool for incorporating concepts, case studies and current research in undergraduate education by linking classrooms, academic leaders and conservation practitioners. By working on real world problems, ConservationBridge allows students to learn about the complexity of working in the field and gain skills they can use once they graduate. ConservationBridge was funded in part by a Higher Education Challenge grant from the USDA. Read the final grant report here.

The Landscape Measures Resource Center

The Landscape Measures Resource Center is an online resource with a collection ideas and tools to guide communities through the process of tracking change in their landscapes. The tools are designed for a wide audience to understand and measure how their landscape performs in delivering outcomes for agricultural production, biodiversity and ecosystem service conservation, and livelihoods. It also helps communities to understand the institutional strengths and weaknesses in their landscape, and identify capacities that could be developed for managing their landscape better. The site outlines the process and tools for measuring landscape performance, and offers seventeen case studies for learning how communities around the world have been measuring the performance of their landscapes and learning from the results.