CEWG Coordinator, Louise Buck, sharing about integrated landscape management at the Nairobi Forum for the Landscapes for People, Food and Nature Initiative.

The Ecoagriculture Working Group at Cornell is a group of faculty, staff and students who together explore integrated approaches to managing landscapes for improved agricultural production, biodiversity and ecosystem service conservation, and healthy and sustainable livelihoods for people. The group also supports institutions who are engaged in facilitating integrated landscape management (ILM). Fundamental components of the group’s work are to deepen the scientific foundations for ILM and support new and existing processes for collaboratively managing landscapes through capacity development and training. This approach to managing landscapes where agriculture is an important land use, called ecoagriculture by some, includes a range of systems and practices that enhance synergies and reduce tradeoffs in managing for multiple uses and outcomes.

The Working Group began in 2004 to explore the scientific foundations of the concept of ecoagriculture, in partnership with EcoAgriculture Partners and funded by SANREM. The Working Group continues to partner closely with EcoAgriculture Partners, contributing to the organization’s Research and Landscapes & Leaders Programs. For the group’s most current work, take a look at the projects page. Partnership and collaboration is a foundational principle of the Ecoagriculture Working Group. If you are interested in learning more about integrated landscape management or looking for opportunities to collaborate with the group, please contact Abby Hart (akh67@cornell.edu)